My male cat started vomiting this morning, why?

by Anonymous

Cody is approximately 6 years old and is an indoor cat. He's always eaten in the morning, but this morning he ate and threw it up.

I waited a few hours before trying again and he threw it up again. It came up as fast as it went in. He is drinking water, but no more than usual.

My thoughts: I would call the vet. There are many possible causes for vomiting, including some very serious ones, such as ingesting poison (household chemicals, medications, etc.), swallowing a foreign object, or a severe haiball.

See this page for some possible causes:

"There are so many conditions that can lead to a cat throwing up, they are almost too numerous to list. They include feline diabetes, cat hairballs, intestinal parasites, heart-worm, bad cat food, feline hyperthyroidism, feline constipation, and many other conditions, some serious and others of little consequence."

It's good that he's drinking water, as dehydration can set in fairly fast with excessive vomiting.

I hope he recovers quickly and please keep us updated.


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Aug 08, 2015
by: Paula miller

This comment is one for the throwing up of your cat. Either he ate too much-or he has a object (or hairballs ) that blocking his eating problems. Get the kind of hairballs MEDS. That has a little laxative in it. If say if he keeps throwing up-- take him to the vet.

Aug 07, 2015
My older cat
by: Anonymous

My older cat, Peaches, developed the same symptoms. It started when she was 5. I started watching the ingredients in their food, making sure that meat was the first ingredient, but there were so many fillers that I also switched to a sensitive digestive one as well.

It worked. Peaches is now 7. Then I adopted a 1 year old rescue and a 4 week old kitten. All older now. Problems with food again. Purina one is good with no digestive problems and I could feed all three, then I found Good Life. No wheat, no corn, no soy, and it has fruits and vegetables, and lots of meat, and no puking.

If the change of diet doesn't work, or he stopped drinking, get him to a vet ASAP. It could mean his life. Give The food about three days, don't wait on the water. Our babies are family. Hugs to you and yours.

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