My Little Lacy

by Dick
(Palm Desert, CA)

We got Lacy about 10 years ago. She was in PetSmart looking for a Home. I saw her and noticed she wasn't looking too good.

I mentioned it to the clerk, and she called the animal shelter who said they would come and get her the following day.

We decided not to wait that long, and took her to the vet. It turned out she had an upper respiratory infection and needed to be treated with antibiotics and kept isolated.

We kept her after seeing the vet and making arrangements with the animal shelter to adopt her.

She was with us for over eleven years, and was a joy to have around. Had a very good personality and loved to play. She always slept on the pillow next to my head every night.

About six months ago, I noticed she was breathing heavy and took her in for a check up. The vet told us she had a large tumor attached to her heart. It sure came on fast.

The vet wanted to put her down right then, but I wanted to spend as much more time with her as possible without making her uncomfortable.

After four weeks we had to put her down... I sure miss her and her little meow and not having her near me at night. She was a terrific little kitty.

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Feb 05, 2016
by: dee

thank you for rescuing and loving her

Feb 05, 2016
Lucky Lacy
by: Binkie2009

Lacy was so lucky that someone as caring and loving as you came along and spotted she needed help. And she had a wonderful life because of you, and gave so much love in return. So sweet that she always chose to sleep on your pillow! My big boy Sweep does that - he takes up most of the surface, but every time I wake in the night he immediately begins to purr, and it's so comforting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Lacy with us.

Feb 04, 2016
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

RIP Lacy.

Feb 04, 2016
by: Audie

She was beautiful. I adore ginger cats. So glad that you rescued her.

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