My kitten had an accident on my boyfriend's bed

by Jayden

I had gone away to the city for one day and night and I received an angry message from my boyfriend Saturday morning saying that my kitten had pooped and peed on his bed.

She has slept on my pillow right beside my face since the day we adopted her a few weeks ago, and has always used the litter box properly.

I feel like she was upset or stressed that I wasn't there seeing as the only place she went was on my pillow.

Since I got home yesterday she hasn't been as loving to me as usual and her purring has only happened once. I'm worried that she felt abandoned.

My Thoughts:

Cats do experience separation anxiety, Jayden, and they love a routine and dislike change. It sounds like you're now her primary person, and she may be reacting to your extended absence.

If she's a young kitten, she may have been removed from her mother too soon, and I believe she may overcompensate by bonding strongly to one person.

Also, kittens do have accidents. In addition, it can take up to 6 months or longer for a cat of any age to adapt to a new home.

I've been given the cold shoulder by my cats many times after coming home from time away. I just keep giving them attention and distract them with playtime and/or treats, but let them set the pace.

Soon, all is forgiven and they settle back into the usual routine. Kittens tend to be quick to do so.

P.S. I should add that aloofness and litter box problems can be signs of disease, so obviously use your judgment there.

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