My cat should have been a dog

by Mike
(Yuma, AZ)

Our family cat, Po is a unique character. He started as a high energy, very playful guy into well, I believe a dog.

Po loves to fetch marbles and bouncing balls. Po likes to lick, and not just the face, it's anywhere, legs, feet, hands, arms.

He cries when the kids play outside, he wants to be with them. And the strangest of all is his fetish for straws. Do not leave your cup unattended because he will snag your straw, and yes, he fetches straws as well.

He can be rough at times and really cause some hurt but all in all we love our dog, I mean cat, Po.

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Master Po
by: Kurt (Admin)

It sounds like Po has your household firmly in control and under his paw, Mike. We'd love to see some pics! Thanks for sharing with us!

Does anyone else have a dog-like cat?

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