My cat pooed in the shower!

by Sophie

My cat wouldn't go outside for the day, so I let her stay inside. When I got back at the end of the day, she had pooped in the shower tray and she somehow flicked the shower tray up with the cat poo on, and it went everywhere!

My thoughts: That sounds like a mess! I'm sorry to hear that your cat is having problems. Without more to go on, I'd speculate that because your cat's usual routine was disrupted, she used the shower instead of the litter box.

Digging deeper, I would ask why your cat didn't go outside, whether or not that's unusual, and if there are any other signs of either behavioral changes or illness.

I'd also be curious to know whether or not the litter box was in perfect operating condition that day. If it wasn't up to your cat's standards, that may have contributed to the problem.

As always, you should report any behavioral changes to your vet, and get her a check up to make sure she is healthy.

I hope that helps.


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Feb 26, 2016
Pooping/peeing in Shower
by: Anonymous

Hey there, I have had many cats that go wee wee and occasionally poo in the tub over the drain. I always thought it pretty smart of them. After all the pee disappears cleanly down the drain and the poo is easy to clean up. So really, in my mind, there were very smart to go in the same room as Mom does and it a convenient place as well.
Consider yourself lucky -- it could have been in your shoes inside the closet were no one would have seen them. Been through that too.

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