My cat goes beside the couch

I have one cat. She is almost a year old. We have never had a problem with her using the box.

These past few weeks though, she has started going both 1 & 2 right beside our couch. We are always checking the rest of the house for signs of her going but she only goes in that one place.

We put down a blanket just to keep it from ruining the carpet too much and we placed another litter box closer to the living room. She used it for a while but then continued to go beside the couch.

My family is getting angry and has threatened to take her to the pound if it's not fixed. I don't want that to happen at all so any help you could give me would be amazing! Thank you so much!

My Thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your kitty is having troubles. When a cat uses another location, one trick is to place a box right on top of the location she's using. If she uses it, you can begin moving it, one small step at a time, to a more desirable location.

I would get a black light and thoroughly treat the area she's been using so that there are no residual odors that a cat can detect. If it smells like a place she should call a toilet, then she'll try to keep using it, possibly instead of a box.

So the next question is, why did she start using the carpet instead of the box? She may have a medical condition, so she should be examined by a veterinarian.

See this list for reasons why she may have started this behavior.

Please let us know how things go with her.

I hope that helps,


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Jul 27, 2014
Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Thank you both so much for your help! I will be taking her to the vet very soon. All of you suggestions are great and I will be trying them out one at a time. Thanks again! Hope y'all have a blessed day!

Jul 27, 2014
How often do you clean Litter Box?
by: Debra Halborn

1. How often is her box cleaned? Cats are very, very clean creatures. Please scoop ASAP and empty/disinfect her litter box 1-2 times a week. 2. Do you use scented litter? Perhaps she has become sensitive to those (UN-necessary) perfumes that manufacturers add to kitty-litter. 3. Has someone new moved into your house? Somehow, someone or some thing has upset her enough - she is calling for your attention. 4. PLEASE! Do not scold her or punish her. I agree with Kurt: have a vet rule out possible kidney or bladder complications. I hope kitty feels better and your lives return to purr-fect love.

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