My 7 month old kitten has diarrhea

by Tiffany Coker
(Baltimore, MD, US)

First let me start by saying I'm really sorry this is such a nasty topic but I need some help. LOL.

My 7 month old kitten got diarrhea and he just ran around my house pooping.

So I've got 2 kittens that are 7 months old. I have had them since they were born. They are brother and sister. I took them to get all their shots and they've been spayed/neutered.

My male kitten is a great kitty and a good boy. He always goes in the litter to poop and pee, no problem. However, he's gotten diarrhea 2 times since I have had him.

When he's had diarrhea, he will not go in the litter box. He literally runs around my house like crazy really fast and just leaves drops of poop everywhere he runs. The 1 time he was sitting there, he passed gas loud, and just went running.

I have been told that kittens sometimes get scared when they have the runs and that's why they wont go in the litter box. I have also been told it could scare them when they pass gas.

My question is how do I get him to not be scared if he gets the runs and how do I get him to do it in the litter box? Once again sorry for the topic. LOL. Someone please help me!

Thank You so much,


My Thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your kitty is having troubles. If he's got the runs, he may not have enough control to be able to get to the litter box. If the only time he doesn't use the litter box is when he's got diarrhea, then it may come down to just that.

I wish I had a magic solution for you, but I'm not sure there's much that can be done about that, if anything (until his diarrhea is gone). I know that's not much consolation.

I would be concerned over why this is happening, though, and make sure it's not a medical problem. In my experience, cats don't have these type of problems that often, unless something is upsetting their system (changing their diet too fast, something they're eating they shouldn't, illness, etc.).

I'm hoping someone else will chime in with more wisdom on a solution.


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Feb 19, 2015
I just want to add one more thing........
by: Tiffany

So my kitten has only had diarrhea 2 times. He always poops and pees in the liter box. He just wont go in the litter box when he has diarrhea. I don't give him milk. I know that that is not good for cats. I feed them "Hill's Science Diet" dry food and I feed them "Fancy Feast" wet food 2 times a day, but as far as milk I definitely do not give that to them. I barely keep milk in my house for myself. LOL. Thanks again.

Tiffany Coker

Editor's note: I think it's just probably difficult for him to control when he's got diarrhea. Also, when cats are feeling out of sorts, their whole routine can get thrown off and sometimes will go outside the box. I've never heard of a solution for this from a vet, other than to treat the problem (or prevent it if possible).

Feb 13, 2015
I agree NO MILK!
by: Martha

Here is a great website that can explain a lot about our fluffy kitty's digestive tract.

I have seen some cats lap up a bowl of milk and it doesn't bother them, and others begin to have problems like your little boy is having. If you didn't give him milk indirectly, maybe he ate something that had milk in it. My little boy that I had for 7 years, always had an upset stomach. He would go in hiding (which is what cats do) until he felt better. Then he would come out happy as heck. This was maybe two times a year. My suggestion would be to take him to your DVM and have him checked out. Think about it when we humans have the same symptoms, it is because of something that we put IN our mouths. Sounds to me like you have a playful little gentleman on your hands. He is an angel, I can tell.....Martha (one of the biggest cat lovers in the world!)

Feb 13, 2015
Healing Kitty
by: Anonymous

no milk!
worms can cause diarrhea
no tuna
Lactaid milk is good and digestible
See if he will eat some grass. It helps their system.
Yogurt if he likes it give it to him. Yogurt helps promote the good bacteria.
Fish oil is wonderful to help with their tummies.
and you can give him a piece of anti diarrhea medicine.
I would only do that if I knew he didn't have
a bug or parasite. or worms.( Worms are caused from fleas.) Usually it's the worms that do it.
You would want any sickness to pass through him.
I've had cats do the same thing. Don't just give him dry cat food that can cause constipation. A balance of wet and dry works best for kitty. I hope he gets better.

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