by Gina Laurenza
(Brooklyn, NY)

My Mushy Girl

My Mushy Girl

I got My Mushy girl from a neighbors yard, Memorial day weekend 1996, and it was the first cat I have ever had, other than strays we took care of as a child growing up. It was just me and my girl for the first 7 years.

In 2000 I had an apartment fire. I fortunately was at work when I received the call about the fire. All I could say was where is my cat over and over... my cousin raced to the house and of course let the firemen know there was a cat inside, and thank God my girl was rescued.

When I arrived she was waiting for me in the back seat of my cousin's car. I did lose everything in that fire but what meant more to me was that I had my Mushy girl... so we moved in with my parents for 3 months until I got another apartment!

My girl lived a great life with me, she had all my attention always 'til the day she passed away! In 2002 I met my Husband, and instantly Mushy fell for him... we married and in 2005 I gave birth to my son Nicholas.

Again there was an instant bond they loved each other so much... my son does not really understand that my Mushy girl is gone. I guess that's normal for children.

All was good until June 11, 2009 I noticed she wasn't acting right as far as going to the bathroom and eating. Thinking it was a UTI I took her to the vet. They gave her antibiotics and sent us home, and I gave her the antibiotics until they finished.

She seemed better but then wasn't defecating as much as she use to. She was always in the carrier, did not want to go in her bed, and slept under my bed and was acting strange. So what to think, Alzheimers old age?

I didn't know, so back to the doctor we go. Then an x-ray and blood test was taken. The blood test was normal, nothing showed, but the x-ray I was told showed something on her lung, wasn't sure if it was old scarring or cancer.

So, being we were going on vacation I asked if it was OK to wait 'til we got back to take her to the specialist and I was told yes. So we were sent home with another round of antibiotics and an appetite supplement.

She was taking medicine but definitely not acting right, until Friday night July 24th I noticed her breathing wasn't that good she was breathing heavy then I figured its hot out... woke up on Saturday morning checked on her and she was breathing heavier than usual... I knew something was wrong for real!

Took her back to the vet and they insisted I get her to the specialist as there was nothing they could do. As I was getting info on the specialist and where to go, is when my Mushy girl took her last breath looking at me and I knew she was gone!

I had the best 13 years with her I only wish I could have seen some other sort of signs she may have had and wish I could have gotten her more help... I know now she is in peace and not suffering, I don't believe she had time to suffer. I know she felt no pain!

I love her so much and will miss her forever! Hope to meet again! My Mushy girl 1996-2009.

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Sep 15, 2009
You Gave Her A Great Home
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Thanks for sharing your story with us. It's always sad to hear about a loss, but it's good to know that you gave a cat a great home for many years.

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