Monty from Auckland

by Carol
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Monty Snowshoe

Monty Snowshoe

Monty came to us via a cat rescue in our city of Auckland, New Zealand. I have had Siamese before and he displays some of their characteristics. However, he is much quieter, has the sweetest, most playful nature.

He is very loving with both my husband and I but prefers his dad mostly, as he plays with him more (fungi - as in Fun Guy!) But he does follow me around a lot. He needs to know where I am at all times and we often play chase or hide and seek. We have a really strong bond with our boy.

He is seal-point and all his paws are white. He is athletic in build and his coat is short but plush. I don't know what his history is but he was well fed and clearly hadn't suffered too much before we got him. He was around a year old and is now nearly two. Beautiful coloring and blue, blue eyes.

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