Mochachina the Kitty

by Lisa
(Ann Arbor)

Mocha is a tortoiseshell cat. She is black with brown patches. She has a small white spot on her chest.

I told my boyfriend that I always wanted a calico kitty. One day he called and told me about a litter of kittens that might have one, so I was so excited.

As she got older, I saw pictures and she really wasn't a calico, but a tortoiseshell cat. Close enough!!!!

Since she wasn't a calico, I didn't want to name her Callie the Calico kitty, so the quest was on to find a name! (I wanted to have her name picked out before we brought her home. I had my older cat for two days before we picked a name).

I ask people and looked on the Internet, when I saw Mocha and Chino. Mochachino was it. I told my friend, and she said if it was a girl, it should be -china. It's perfect because the black is the coffee, the brown is chocolate and the white is the whip cream.

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by: Anonymous

She is such a gorgeous cat.

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