Male Maine Coon with yellow urine

by Marianne
(Ballarat Victoria)

My daughter's male Maine Coon's urine is very yellow. He has two water bowls and drinks lots.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your daughter's cat is having problems. A cat's urine can become darker for a number of different reasons. More concentrated urine will become a deeper yellow color than normal. If he's urinating less frequently than normal, that could explain the color.

Urine can also change color due to liver problems, urinary tract problems, or the presence of blood. A number of medical problems can result in blood in the urine, but without a diagnosis from a vet, it's impossible to say what the problem might be, if any.

I would recommend you have your daughter's cat evaluated by a veterinarian to get a clear diagnosis and course of action. You might want to read up on feline lower urinary tract disorder so you're better prepared.

With male cats, urethral blockage is always a major risk and something to watch out for. If he stops urinating, get him to the vet immediately.

I hope that helps and please let us know what happens.

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