Leonard (Junior)

by Stephanie
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Leonard II in a sink

Leonard II in a sink

We had had a well-loved grey striped cat named Leonard (Leonard Kitten, after Leonard Cohen) for 16 years, and he'd passed away 6 months earlier.

Finally, we were ready for another cat. We looked on Petfinder.com for rescues, and, to our shock, came upon a tiny, grey striped kitten named Leonard! It was fate.

We called, and brought him home the next day. The following day, we also adopted a small black female named Gloria, and Leonard Junior and Gloria loved each other dearly.

Sadly, little Leonard Junior died at the age of just 8 months, from feline infectious peritonitis, which luckily Gloria did not catch.

He had had a short, but very happy, life, and I'm still glad to this day that we were able to give him love and joy while he was with us.

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