Leona (a.k.a. lil kitty)

by Lisa M. Grego
(Walnut Creek, CA)

She was no more than the size of a nectarine, when I first held my beautiful grey Himalayan kitten.

At the time I had adopted her from a breeder, I had also adopted a 2 year old white blue eyed Persian Lion named Mufasa. I had to get Mufasa a friend, and this lil kitty was it.

It took a while to find just the right name for lil kitty. One night, I had a friend over, and he had suggested "Leona," which in Spanish means "female lion."

Awesome... already had the Persian named "Mufasa," which is the Lion's name in the hit movie "The Lion King," and so Leona was it!

I had a male lion and a female lioness. The names were perfect!! Mufasa and Leona were my new best friends til the end.

Heartbreaking it was when my blue-eyed Persian passed a few years ago, leaving Leona and I to grieve for months. I found it very comforting to still have one of my babies left, and she's been my rock through and through.

I just recently had to put my beautiful baby girl to sleep, due to old age, and she died peacefully in my arms, after being put into a deep sleep.

Cried many rivers since that weekend, and find it very hard to go on without my 2 best friends in the whole wide world. They both loved to ride in the car with me, and the adventures we took will live on in memory.

They were the best kitties in the world. Taught them how to play soccer, and they loved to be covered in catnip. I will miss them til the day I die, and I hope and pray we will once again be reunited at Rainbow Bridge.

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Aug 23, 2013
So Sorry For Your Loss...
by: Cat Melody

Your story resonates. I also had two angel kitties, who left me within the span of 11 months. My girls were sisters, adopted together, when they were 4 months of age. Completely unsocialized, they came to love and trust me and became the most wonderful fur babies I could have ever hoped for.

I lost my Raven in Feb 2012 - she was 16 - and in January 2013, I lost my Melisande, who was 17. It had only been a mere eleven months since Raven had left me... Melisande was my rock, she provided the stability that allowed me to cope with Raven's death. Now she was gone too.

I felt as if I'd been cast adrift. Not only had I lost my last best friend, but it was as if I'd lost Raven all over again.

It is now about 7 months since Melisande's death, and I am still dealing with the pain of her loss.

We have 5 other kitties and they are all wonderful companions, but of course, nothing and no one can replace my two angels, now reunited in Heaven...

Time is the only thing which will help lessen the pain. That and the knowledge that Leona and Mufasa are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your best friends.

Aug 23, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about Leona, Lisa. It sounds like you had a couple of very special kitties, there. RIP Leona and Mufasa.

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