Korky "The O.G." San Juan

by Shirley San Juan
(El Paso, TX)

 ~ R.I.P ~ Korky ~ 6-19-13 ~

~ R.I.P ~ Korky ~ 6-19-13 ~

KORKY was a GREAT cat to have. He knew when I was feeling down. He would come up to me and caress my face....

When I first saw him in the pet store he was a BIG BOY already and I was NOT sure if I should get him, 'cause my kids where SMALL and he was BIG.

So me and my husband left the pet store EMPTY handed, BUT that night we could NOT sleep thinking about the cat and when we woke up the first thing we said to each other was "WE HAVE TO GET THAT CAT."

So we did, and we found out his name was KORKY and I don't regret ever getting him. He was the BEST decision we ever made... NO ONE could ever take his place <3 and TOTALLY missing you......KORKY.

I go to sleep thinking of you and wake up the same and throughout the day I get teary eyed for you. I know you are in a BETTER place, BUT I want to be selfish. I want you to be with me, BUT I know you can't. Just know that I did LOVE you and that you was the BEST and that we will see each other AGAIN.

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