KokoroPurrs Comic

by Michele Tilford
(San Diego, CA)

KokoroPurrs Comic Logo

KokoroPurrs Comic Logo

The KokoroPurrs webcomic is my observations of my Ragdoll cat, primarily being cute. The regular strip, his supposed musings, "Kokoro's likes & dislikes" and in a third sub comic -- my thoughts as told through him. "Lofty Thoughts"

I also try to support the comic themes with either a photo series or video.

As of this writing, the comic strip is still brand new, with only four posts so far. We're still working on the comic website, in the meantime you can find it here:

Kokoropurrs Webcomic

About Kokoro: Kokoro is currently a 7 month old Ragdoll kitten, who lives with me. I'm hoping to train him as a pet assisted therapy cat. This means he has to be "trained." In addition to all the "cat" things he also does "dog" things. Namely respond to an assortment of commands and walk on a leash.

Editor's note: Kokoro Kitty gets around. Below I've added some additional links to some pages where you can find Kokoro on the Web.

Kokoro Kitty's Facebook Page

Kokoropurrs on Twitter

KokoroPurrs Comic Koko's Cat Tree

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by: Ben

I do doubt that I have read this comic before somewhere, but I can’t remember when and where exactly. It was indeed a good comic that the picturisation was so funny and so simple that every child could interpret what exactly is mentioned in it.

Kokoro is King!!
by: caren gittleman

Ohhhh I am quite familiar with Kokoro!! Not only is Kokoro the most handsome kitty on the internet he has the cutest drawings to boot!!

He also has some wonderful videos that his Mommy does.....

You must also check out his photos that are regularly posted on Facebook!

We love Kokoro!!!!

Cat Chat Caren

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