Knitty Kitties

by Susan Ward



I have loved cats forever... I have two 14 year old *babies*, Pepper and Peaches. Little Peaches was from Cat Rescue, she had been found in a black bin liner in the local canal where some vile person had tried to drown her!!! They both live a life of luxury befitting all cats x.

My knitted cats are approx 12-13 ins/30-33cms tall. They are fitted with safety eyes and a safety nose and filled with polyester fibers to B.S 5852.

However, due to the decoration on them they are not really suitable for very small children to play with. Rather, they would enjoy to spend their days relaxing on a soft duvet dreaming of their favorite sugared mice, the result of which is their rather tubby tummies!!

No two cats are ever the same and all have their own name and each one has a heart sewn on them somewhere because they have been made with love for you.

I have knitted them from quality yarns and each one is decorated in a way that illustrates the characteristic of their given name.

Fully house trained, these kitties are looking forward to be adopted into a loving home.

Always willing to help with any enquiry, do please email me at any time.

Love to all cat lovers everywhere
Susan Ward x

Visit website: Knitty Kitties -- Hand knitted decorative cats

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For Marianne
by: Susan

Hi Marianne, what a lovely story that lovely cat found you when you needed him the most x
Please do visit my website
My email address is there and there are lots of kitties to choose from.
I look forward to hearing from you
Love Susan

Knitty Kitties
by: Marianne

Hello my name is Marianne and I live in Portugal. I am English and like you absolutely love cats. I rescued my darling Mr Slippers 9 years ago, I had just lost my Candy cat of 19 years and it was like a miricle.

A few days after Candy cat left to go to Rainbow Bridge this little scraggy cat appeared in my garden. You could hardly see him amongst all the flowers, but there he was I pick him up and he is now a beautiful long haired Siamese who rules my house and me, but oh how I love that cat, he is a wonderful companion.

He sleeps with me and wakes me every morning at 6am with a kiss on my nose. The way the Portuguese treat their animals here is so awful it really upsets me. There are rescue places but they are full to the brim.

I would love to hear from you, my email address is (removed). I love your Knitty Kitties and would it be possible to buy one? Best wishes from Marianne and Mr Slippers.

Editor's note: Hi Marianne,

I removed your email address because if I leave it in there, you'll likely get all kinds of SPAM. Susan's email address is on her Knitty Kitties website, so I recommend that you email her directly. If for some reason you have trouble getting in touch with her, please come back here and post and we'll see if we can get her attention.



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