Kitten won't use litter box when new cat in house

by Courtney

I have a cat who is almost 2 and he is fixed and another cat a female, she is not fixed and she is close to 6 months.

We have tried to get other cats/kittens but when we bring them home she doesn't like anyone.

The last kitten we brought home was much younger then her and about ten minutes later she had peed in our bedroom.

With new cats, she pees in the bedroom, and she doesn't like them.

The strays that come around outside have been there. She doesn't care for them and sits far away and watches.

The most she has done with them is sniff them maybe, and they are much bigger and she goes right to hissing at them. Would we fix her?

We would like to have more cats later on but we can't with her. If she is being territorial with them would fixing her allow us to get another one or would she do better in a new home with no cats?

My Thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your kitty, Courtney. I believe that the benefits of spaying and neutering cats is clear, so all of my cats get fixed.

Cats that have been fixed tend to be less territorial, and tend to have fewer issues with aggression and so forth.

But... some cats like to be the only cat, or the only pet in the house.

In some cases, no matter what you do, they don't get along with other cats or animals. It sounds like she's OK with your other cat, though, so maybe it's just a matter of proper introductions.

It's said that cats tend to treat whatever area they can see as their territory, so stray cats are a threat. It's possible that when she gets older she'll be more confident, and again, when she's spayed she may calm down.

With new cats brought into the house, proper introductions are a must. Abrupt introductions cause stress.

Are you introducing her to new cats slowly? Are you familiar with how to do that?

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