Kitten tries but can't bury poop in litter box

by Blair
(Greenfield, Indiana)

Our kitten poops in the litter box, but when she tries to bury it she paws all of the edges of the litter box.

Before she goes she digs a depression into the litter, however she doesn't turn around to go in the depression and then tries and tries to bury it, but paws all along the edges of the box.

Any suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks.

My Thoughts:

Surprisingly, Blair, some cats don't bury their feces, or at least not completely. I've heard some experts say that this may be due to a need to be "top cat" in the house.

Or, it may be due to being separated from the mother cat too soon -- simply not being around the mother cat as an example for long enough.

Teddie is famous for this. I always attributed it to her wishing to be the dominant cat (although she knows better), but it could be due to early separation (she displayed wool-sucking behavior).

She paws at the litter, scrapes the side of the box, and so on. She puts on a big production but often doesn't actually bury the poop.

I've always just let it be, but you could try to show her by scooping the litter over the poop. I don't like to interfere with box habits, but that might work.

Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have any magic for you.

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