Joanna Nelson Studio - Unique Cat Art

by Joanna Nelson
(Napa, CA)

I'm an artist. I work in acrylic paints. I create very unique cat paintings.


Joanna Nelson has always loved art and its power to amuse, delight and provoke. Joanna spends her days at her drawing table creating the charming fantasies which have become her hallmark.

From whimsical florals to fantasy cats and other characters, Nelson mixes mordant humor with popular icons in enchanting concoctions of color and textures. Her keen sense of humor and brilliant thematic renditions have made her a favorite of Internet patrons of the arts.

She is collected by a vast array of clients all over the US and abroad -- restaurateurs and innkeepers, software companies, wineries and individual collectors -- appealing to the whimsical, the childlike and the wickedly satirical all at once.

Filled with wit, humor, fantastic imagery and a naivete of conception, Joanna Nelson's art can always be read on a deeper level if one looks a little closer, revealing several layers of meaning and, more often than not, another little chuckle.

Her work is equally charming in the boardroom as it is in the nursery, the kitchen or the pool side bar, versatile, fun-loving and light-hearted.

Joanna's work has been published in books: Creative Minds and Big Eye Art: Resurrected & Transformed. Her art has also appeared on Gordon Ramsay's Fox TV show.

Joanna is currently taking part in a GLOBAL art collaboration with 79 other artist from around the world, called The 78 Tarot Project. This will be 78 Tarot's second deck. She is also working on a new "secret project" to be revealed this month!

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