Jemmy, Scouter, Dilly

by Theodora
(Edwardsville, IL, USA)

"To Kill A Mockingbird" has been my favorite book since I read it as a teen. So, when I was offered the three kittens of a fellow teacher, after having my Pumpkin put to sleep, those three names, Jem, Scout and Dill came to mind.

Jemmy just stayed that. He's a mellow lap cat. Scout became Scouter, who became my guard-kitty. He's never liked being held but parks himself near the door of any room I'm in.

Dill became Dilly, which went nicely with Silly Dilly, his usual description and name combined. He's the baby and clown of the group, always getting into something, like running around the house with his head stuck in a plastic sack handle! Jemmy, Scouter and Dilly are the best kitties in the world.

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