Is My Cat Extraordinary or Not?

by Elden

When I tell people the things my cat does, they look at me like I'm crazy. That makes me wonder if I have a cat that is truly more intelligent than normal. I'll try to be brief but factual.

One of the things that tops the list is that she has on occasion turned the alarm off! I once saw her bite the snooze switch and once she used her paw and turned the switch off.

She associates certain words with their real meaning. For example, I might say "Do you want your vitamin" and she will run into the room where they are kept.

If she decides not to turn off the alarm and I pretend to still be asleep she will meow and pat me on the face repeatedly for me to get up. This is not to be rewarded with some treat either as I do not give her treats until late in the evenings.

I can also say "Give me a kissie" and she will put her mouth very close to my lips and make a little smacking noise. I assure you all the things mentioned are completely factual and in no way exaggerated!

Please tell me if other cats are known to display this level of intelligence or do I truly have an Einstein cat!

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Skunkie the Cat - one smart kitty
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but my cat "Skunkie" (an outdoor cat) was just as smart. Many times he figured how to open the pantry door so he could get into where his dry food was kept - he would be up on the shelf with the bag torn open.

He used to "play" with the neighborhood dogs... he would make them chase him (run them in circles) and then jump up on a pole or tree in the back yard (and the dogs would still be going in circles).

One time we were having work done to our home. Skunkie ran up and stole a sandwich right out of the hands of one of the workers who was sitting outside having lunch. The guy was yelling "That cat stole my lunch" - as Skunkie was pretty much out of site by then - lol

He was also a very cunning hunter, and I would see him outsmart birds, rabbits and squirrels all the time in the back yard! He ALWAYS got his prey.

Great Story

That is a truly smart animal! What great company

I believe so!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Yes, Elden, I would say you have an extraordinary cat there! It sounds like your cat is an exceptionally fun ball of fur with some interesting behaviors!

By the way, if you'd like to read stories of other special kitties, I recommend you pick up a copy of The Ultimate Cat Lover.

Thanks for sharing your story with us!

by: Anonymous

Hi Elden...that was great! I would say you have a Smarty Cat there!
I had a cat several years ago that had learned how to cross the road properly. I always worried about her since we lived only about 30 feet away. But one day I saw her walk to the edge of the yard, sit down, look both ways and appeared to be listening, then cross. If I had only seen it once, I would have thought it a fluke, but I saw her do it many times. She was amazing-and is still missed many years later!


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