I Draw Pets

by Vanessa M
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Xena, who believes she is Queen

Xena, who believes she is Queen

Would you like to capture the loving gaze or innocent expression of your cat to keep framed on your wall forever?

You send the photos. I create the keepsake.

I am an experienced and versatile pet portrait artist who makes a point of keeping things affordable. I go to great pains to render your cat just the way he or she really is, but the background? That exists to flatter your kitty.

And I get orders for animals with disabilities all the time. I am including a drawing that includes a cat who has only one eye so you can see how I handle that.

The default size is 8 x 10 for everything, because it's a very default size for framing. And I ship your drawing flat and unframed so that you and only you decide whether you will go to a custom-frame shop and spend serious dollars for an ornate design -- or whether you have already spent enough and you just want to make use that empty frame you've already got sitting in the closet.

If you have PayPal, I can work with you! And I will ship anywhere in the world. Come and visit me at:


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