How to stop kitten from climbing the curtains?

by Brittany B

My kitten (14 weeks old) will not stop climbing the curtains. The drywall (even with anchors) cannot sustain his weight and the curtains. Please help.

I have tried everything. I removed the curtains for an entire month to allow him to age a little more (I'm not willing to do this again, they are the focal point of my bedroom and I want to enjoy being in my own room).

I have tried putting tin foil on them. I have tried using cat repellent. I have tried yelling "no."

I have tried rattling a cup with coins in it to scare him. I have tried giving him time outs outside my room each time he does it. I have tried double sided tape. None of it works.

He has a cat tree taller than I am, six feet from the curtains. He has toys galore. Is this kitten just not the cat for me? Should I surrender him to the SPCA?

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Kitten and curtains
by: Lora

First, please don't think SPCA. This is a very young kitten. You did not say how long you have had the little kitty. Kittens take time, believe me. Each little one is unique and presents all kinds of mischief.
We have a Siamese mix, and we got her when she was approx. 4 months old. She was a hand full. The climbing issues, pouncing at anyone walking by, wrestling with another one of our cats, etc. It has been rather nerve wracking, but we wouldn't have had it any other way !
What I am saying is ... ease off. kittens will be kittens; soon enough he will grow up and you will be wondering where that rambunctious little one went.
Just keep having patience and I promise it will all work out.
Curtains can be replaced as all material things can be ...but that little one brimming with life cannot be. Please enjoy.

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