How to allow my cat in and out of the bedroom?

by Sara
(Toronto, Canada)

What is the best solution to allow my cat in and out of the bedroom at night while keeping my privacy? I have recently accumulated a roommate, but my cat is older and for the last 2 years has been able to come in and out of my bedroom as she pleases.

Now that I have a roommate, I'm looking for a way to still allow the cat to move freely while maintaining my privacy at night while I sleep.

Is there a better solution than propping the door open? I still feel exposed!

Btw, I am a renter too! Not sure if my landlord would appreciate me cutting a hole in the bottom of the door either!


Editor's note: I was going to suggest a cat door, but if your landlord won't let you cut a hole, that won't work.

Unfortunately, I don't know of another way. Maybe you can convince your landlord to let you do it. I would think a hole in the door would ruin the door, but doors can be replaced.

A different approach would be to create a hole in the wall. A hole in the wall could be repaired when the time comes for you to move. If you can put a cat door in the wall and your cat takes to it, that might be an option.

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