Hide and seek cat!

by Sheila Mc Feely
(Derry City, N. Ireland)

Jet is a Jet black 18/20 month old cat. We got him from a rescue center a year ago. He runs into the kitchen, lowers his head and skids out the door.

I followed him one day to see what he was up to. I went into the small bedroom at the back of the bungalow, calling "Where are you?" in a sing-song voice.

I kept repeating that and when I turned around, there he was. Standing there, looking at me. I went to bend down and he took off again.

I went to the front room and as I called him again, he raced past me. I followed him into the sitting room and he chased by me. I kept calling "Where are you?" By this stage my head was going around and round. He ran past me again and I saw him going into the shower room. I went in and no sight of him.

I turned to leave when I noticed that the shower curtain was hanging strangely. I pulled it back and there he was! The curtain was somehow folded around him and he was standing tight against the wall.

He does this quite often and there I am like an old idiot, running around the house singing "Where are you? Where are you?" Once I find him behind the shower curtain, all the "fun" leaves him and he walks past me and settles himself on my chair in the living room. It keeps me fit!!

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