Had to relocate my cat :(

by Anonymous

My cat keeps pooping on the carpet and my son is asthmatic. We’ve done everything for months. We have no idea why.

She's an older cat, so we’ve built an enclosure for her outside right on the porch. It’s really hot (FL) so she’s not cold. I’ve set her whole house up with a bed, food, water, treats, catnip, and toys.

Is this cruel? She’s a lazy cat and I’ve let her out once before. She was spooked at first but then I saw her rolling around on a sunny day, really happy in the grass. I want her to have that but I don’t want to abandon her and give her to someone, so is this a good compromise?

I feel horrible because she had no idea! But I went inside of it to make her comfortable and I pet her a lot. She seems okay now.

I have opened the door a few times and she actually stayed for pets and then went back into her little box in her bed! (This used to be a chicken coop.) Maybe she’s into it? Maybe she likes her own space.

I’m hoping she won’t potty everywhere (I put a litter box in it). Since nobody will be invading her area all the time (my monsters), she won’t feel the need to act out and potty everywhere!! I love this dang cat, ugh.

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Feb 15, 2019
You tried
by: Jim W.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If you tried everything, and you and your vet or a cat behaviorist can't figure it out, then you did your best.

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