by Allison Nordquist
(Monroe, NY)

From the time I picked up Gizmo I was in love. He was born in May and I found him on a Sphynx breeders website in August. He was pictured along with 3 other of the litter that were available. I knew right away he was the one I wanted.

I was so happy to hear he was available. I had to wait 12 weeks before he could be sent to live with me. Everyday I would look forward to my email to see if the breeder sent me any photos on how he was growing. When she did I would stare and I couldn't wait to get him in person.

August 27 I was able to get my new boy. He was so small and fragile yet full of life and spunk. He would sleep in bed with us and went on his own to bed the same time we would put our kids to bed. He ate his food when we ate ours. I could have sworn he was half human.

December came and we noticed him getting a big belly. We thought he was just over eating. Then it started to get very big and he wasn't playing anymore. We took him to the vet where he was confirmed to have FIP.

I did hours of research and pleaded with the vet to try everything to prolong his life. He lived about 3 weeks after the diagnosis. The end was horrible. He was vomiting and not using the litter box and got so skinny that I saw his bones as if he were transparent.

I had to make the decision to put this young 7 month old kitten down. I only had him for 6 months but I loved him as if I had him my whole life. I hope now he is running around like a kitten should over the rainbow bridge.

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Jan 18, 2009
Very Sorry To Hear About Gizmo's Passing
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Gizmo. It sounds like you took great care of him while he was here though. I didn't see a picture in the submission. If you have a picture of him you'd like to add, you can submit another entry with just a title and the uploaded pic, and I'll update this page with the picture.

I also should have the new picture gallery page up within the next couple of days. You can submit there as well. Watch the blog page for the new picture gallery page.


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