Gizmo, the funniest cat ever

by Anonymous

When Gizmo first came home, he jumped on my bed and acted like my feet were mice. Two months later, Gizmo always messed with my bird, Lola.

At night, Gizmo would make Lola jump off her cage and I would to tell my mom to get the bird in the cage. One night, Gizmo almost got the bird for his dinner.

Three months after that, Gizmo met Rainbow (male dog), and they played together all the time. Once Gizmo got on Rainbow's back and acted like Rainbow was a horse, and "MEOW MEOW," he cried, when he fell off Rainbow's back.

Today, right now I am telling you that Gizmo is the funniest cat ever (to me), but he is still not well known around the house. If you please, tell me what cat sounds mean so I can tell Gizmo the right words and get to know him better.

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by: Anonymous

Gizmo sounds like a very "multicultural" fellow with his interest in other animals. Very neat! :)

Sounds can be hard to interpret as every cat seems to have their own special ones. Just listen and observe; that may be your best chance to figure out Gizmo.

I have one cat that at first I thought was in pain because he meowed loudly in a certain way. Then, he DID get very sick at one point, and he didn't make a sound at all. It was the change in behaviour that alerted me to what he was communicating.

One of my other cats half purrs and half meows when he is exploring and wants to be allowed to go further. I think it's part contentment that he gets to do SOMETHING and part frustration that there are still doors that are closed....:)

Good luck. Great that you appreciate your cat so much.

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