Getting a cat spayed

by sandr

We're trying to help a cat by getting her spayed. Catching her with a cage is not working? Is there a drug I can get to put in her food to knock her out before her appointment? We don't want to face a litter of kittens again!

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Catching female cat
by: Anonymous

Several years ago I tried to catch a feral cat with a trap and even with good food in it she would not go in. She kept coming around to eat though and I eventually put the food and a bed in the garage, leaving the garage door open about 6" so she could go underneath. It was winter and she started spending the night in there. After several weeks, one night I quickly shut the door,(automatic opener) and caught her in the garage. Had to wear protective gloves etc to put her in the cage to take her to the free spay/neuter. That is something I will never repeat.
Good luck.

A vet could prescribe something
by: Sally F.

A vet might be able to get you something, but not sure if they would without seeing the cat first. See if you can call a local shelter or rescue organization and get them to help you trap the cat.

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