Do female cats go through menopause as do women?

by Jeanne
(New York)

My 12 year old female cat has lost weight, but she needed to, and she has never had kittens, nor been spayed. She tends to be a bit annoying when she comes in heat.

But this latest time, she has been having a chronic discharge. She sleeps on our bed at night, and I have had to change all the linens for 3 days now.

She seems to be eating and drinking normally, and have not noticed any other out of the ordinary behaviors. I would appreciate any input or suggestions.

Editor's note: I'm not a vet, but I believe that your cat may be ill, Jeanne.

Every reference I have says that cats do not go through menopause. Cats can get pregnant and have kittens well into old age.

In fact, there have been reports, some of them reportedly reliable, of very old cats giving birth. Female cats tend to become less fertile as they age, have fewer kittens per litter, and may have fewer viable births, but they do not experience menopause.

I would be very concerned about the discharge. There is a condition called pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus. It can result in a life threatening systemic infection.

This condition can occur in both dogs and cats, but in cats, they're often asymptomatic. Your cat may be eating, drinking and acting normally, but have a serious medical problem.

I would contact the veterinarian immediately.

I hope that helps and please let us know what happens.

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Feb 25, 2017
Check with your vet
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, Elaina. I've never given a cat birth control pills, and I think guidance on how and how long to use them should come from your veterinarian. I would suggest placing a call to your vet's office to ask them how to proceed. I hope you and your cat will be living together again soon.

Feb 25, 2017
Female cats heat
by: Elaina

My live-in boyfriend died a month ago and he left behind me and his lovely cat which i love her very much. We have this cat for more than 10 years ,a female friend of us just pick her up last night she wants to keep the cat for 6 months. When he got this cat she never been spayed and we ask a vet but we were told she is not in good health and we need to give her anti baby tablets for her whole life. The cat is 16 years old and never go out but then the heat is on she act very wild and i wouldn't want to create problems for our friend. I just want to know if she supposed to take anti baby for the whole life i mean 16 years old.
I will take the cat back after i find another place to move, i love that cat and miss my boyfriend so much.


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