Cats need to watch out for whisper quiet bicycles in the night

by Katie
(Davis, CA, USA)

Mr. Frankie got hit by a bicycle he didn't see until it was too late

Mr. Frankie got hit by a bicycle he didn't see until it was too late


Please see the website I have created in memory of my late tiger tabby cat, Mr. Frankie, who died a horrible death late at night two weeks ago tonight after getting hit by a speeding bicycle that he didn't see or hear until it was too late.

The collision rendered him incapacitated and though he was outside the house, I didn't hear him crying out because he couldn't.

I live in Davis, California, the bicycle capital of the US. Because Davis, CA is a college town where UC Davis is spread out over 5500 acres, students and staff are encouraged to commute and travel by bicycle.

Most of these bicycles are so quiet that you can't hear them. A well maintained bicycle makes no noise, it is whisper quiet. Bicycle riders are supposed to wear a headlight but many don't bother.

I had not a clue how dangerous these bicycles are to small animals and both Frankie and I were lulled into thinking that the cul-de-sac that we live on, which has no street access to a main road, was safe from speeding cars.

The real danger was from silent, speeding bicycles whose riders aren't watching the road ahead.

It was so tragic because Frankie was in excellent health and had gone outside late night to enjoy being outside and it was cooler outside than inside. He had no idea how dangerous bicycles are as there is little car and less bicycle traffice. But several weeks ago, some bicycle rider was riding home, very late around midnight, was tired and not paying attention to the road ahead and plowed right into Mr. Frankie who was in the street at the wrong time and wrong place.

To make things worse, soon after, a posse of raccoons took advantage of his being laid out and began attacking him while he was still alive, couldn't move, or cry out for help.

Very, very sad.

Problems caused for cats by bicycles is a huge problem which I have learned painfully with the loss of my beautiful Mr. Frankie, who was one of a kind. I will never find another cat as special and wonderful.

Please let readers know and see if they live in a "bicycle friendly" city/town/village.

Spread the word!

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Oct 05, 2015
Thank you Kat for caring
by: Katie

Thank you Kat for caring. Yes, I've gotten several comments that cats should stay inside, they should be locked up, restricted to areas outside that they can't escape from.

Mr. Frankie just loved to go outside, this made him so very happy.

He only went outside for a few hours at night as it was way too hot during the day.

He didn't see or hear the bicycle as it approached and got hit by this bicyclist who had no headlight, not courtesy safety noise like a playing card in the wheel spoke.

Bicycles are really dangerous to everyone if you can't see or hear them coming. The new ones are so quiet, they're like the EV Prius cars.

Thank you Kat.

Oct 01, 2015
Mr. Frankie will be remembered
by: Kat

Hi Katie
*hugz* to you and rainbow bridge headbumps from my Tiger and Shadow.
As a cat lover and commuter bicyclist, i am heartbroken to know that you have lost your beloved Mr. Frankie.

bicyclists know what it is like to be the victim of aggressive and careless motorists - so we should be doubly aware of the fact that we can pose threats not only to pedestrians, but animals, includimg beloved pets. personally, i even go around doves and pigeons - i can't imagine worse, but obviously, someone just didn't care. On behalf of bicyclists, please accept my and our sorrow.

bicyclists must take responsibilty for the safety of all - no excuses. i will be linking this story on my FB page as well as a cyclimg FB page, and hope that my fellow cyclists will be more aware and careful.

with sincerest sorrow,

Sep 06, 2015
mr frankie
by: Anonymous

what a horrible death, PLEASE PLEASE keep ALL kitties INSIDE

Sep 04, 2015
thank you
by: katie

Yes, it gets worse as the forensics report I got yesterday confirms he was still very much alive, he was probably in shock, and was knocked out.

He didn't meow or cry or make a sound, that is what is so tragic because I would have run out of the house from a deep sleep otherwise.

I posted a video and will be posting forensics report very soon, so check back to website, for these.

Sep 04, 2015
by: lina mahmassani

You can't imagine the distress and pain I felt reading the sad story of Mr.Frankie. Especially the torture that he had to endure. Maybe he could have been saved if it wasn't for the racoons. My heartfelt sympathy and feelings.

I have two cats. But I live in the city and so I don't let them out of the house.

Sep 02, 2015
Thank you Kurt for posting!
by: Katie


Thank you for sharing my sad story with other cat lovers. I have learned alot about all the many dangers posed from the outside for our feline friends.

Now I think of Davis, CA as one of the most dangerous cities for small animals like cats because a bicycle can do so much damage and as many as 30,000 or more residents, students use bicycles to get around in Davis.

So cats who go outside to the street are at an extreme risk even if they are smart enough to avoid cars. With bicycles, they can't always hear them especially if they have their back turned.

Sep 02, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about this tragic accident. RIP Mr. Frankie.

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