Cats doing their business outside the litter tray

by Christine Rayward
(Queensland, Australia)

Hi, I was telling a friend of mine that a friend has a cat that pees and poops outside of her litter tray. She suggested that she try spreading around Vicks VapoRub anywhere they don't want the cat to do its business.

As the smell is pretty potent, I suggested that she make up a mix of the VapoRub with Vinegar and spray it around.

She just put the container in hot water until the VapoRub melted and mixed, then sprayed. It took about ten days to work, but her cat now only uses the litter tray. Just thought anyone having similar problems may wish to try it. Good luck if you do.

Editor's note: While cats probably don't like the smell of this and will stay away, VapoRub contains camphor. Camphor is known to be toxic to cats and dogs. To avoid accidental poisoning from camphor, your cat should never be allowed to come near it.

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Aug 18, 2017
Using Vicks around cat box area is both cruelty and medically harmful.
by: Sherri

I put newspaper around the litterbox for accidents....or if the contents of the tray has become too much for the cat....wet and smelly...needs urgent changing of litter box. Or...
My cats are elderly....bladder infections have resulted in not using litter box ..choosing something soft like bath mat to pee on.
This is because of pain to pee...and cramps from bladder infection... Exactly like we humans suffer, especially woman with cystitis. Take cat to vet. Or there is a blockage in the ureters.

Why cat Pooing outside litter box.,.1.Box is dirty,wet,stinks. 2.Blocked anal glands...with added constipation. 3.Brand of Litter has changed. 4.Furballs cause poo to not pass out fully...gets stuck anally...end up dropping poo in house.Accidentally. My cats have done it all...there is always a reason for it.

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