Cat suddenly has a problem defecating anywhere and everywhere in the house

by Kaitlyn

She is fixed and is about to turn one year old in two days. A couple of weeks prior to this she had to go to the vet for having problems with her third eyelid showing. They said it may have been a virus and gave us some pills for her.

I have another cat and he had the same issue but milder. He was treated too, and was given an ointment to put in his eyes. It cleared up easily for him! They instructed to use the ointment for her eyes too, but when I would use it, it would get red around her eyes and seemed like it really irritated her, so I only used it a few times.

Fast forward to a few days ago, and she began defecating all over the house. It's been mostly a light brown color and mushy, with a terrible smell.

She would do it in the living room, couch, counter, bathroom, on my purse, you name it. It's usually always in very large amounts each time and happens multiple times a day.

I usually wake up to 4 spots in the morning. The main detail I have noticed is that she starts going a little crazy before it happens. She will start running really fast, jumping all over the house. Lastly, she'll start spinning in circles before coming to a quick stop and just let it all out.

We have 6 litter boxes all around the house for quick and easy access, but she just won't. It's late so I cannot bring her to her vet right now, and I am not sure if I'll make it there in the morning tomorrow or not since it's quite a long drive and they close early on Saturdays.

I'm going to bring her as soon as I can, I just wanted to see if there are any known problems for the cause of this beforehand. Thank you!

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Sep 01, 2019
Stomach bug?
by: Sally F.

It sounds like on top of whatever her other problems were, she may have a stomach bug of some kind.

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