Cat runs quickly to another room after using litter box

by Angela Schwark
(Hartland, Maine)

I got a 4-year-old male cat from the shelter about 2 weeks ago and he is in his litter box often. Every time he gets out of it, he runs out of it very fast into another room. He has had no accidents and only uses his box.

My thoughts: I'm assuming your cat is healthy and this is strictly behavioral. Many of our readers have told a similar story about their cats running quickly away from the box after using it.

It's possible the location of the box isn't ideal for your kitty. For example, if there is only one escape route, your cat may feel the need to get away from the box after using it to avoid predators.

One of my own cats used to do this often. One of the reasons I think she may have done this was because her sister would sometimes attack her after she used the box (or while she was in it!).

In this case, her sister was the "predator" she was trying to get away from, even if her sister was no where near the box at that time.

You could try adding an additional box to another location, preferably somewhere in the house with at least two escape routes.

If you decide to move the litter box, be aware that this can cause more problems, including causing your cat to stop using the box. If you do move a box, it's highly recommended to move it very slowly over many days. It's best to add another box first, then move the original.

I hope that helps!

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Nov 07, 2018
running cat
by: Jo-An

my Chester also runs after doing his business in his box. he always has. we got him when he was 4 months old. he is our only pet. Chester is now about 18 months old & spoiled rotten. his box has always been in the same spot. no one messes with him when he is near it - tho we do clean and change it as needed. it is in a location so that he can 'escape' in more than one direction if he wanted to. this is the 2nd box we have had. the 1st had an open top & didn't last long. lol. this one is covered with a large entrance, I removed the flap door to it as he didn't seem to like it. he likes to scratch the litter even when he doesn't cover up his business. if he doesn't (you can definitely tell those times) I use the scoop to cover it for him, but I don't clean the box right then or he might get the idea that was the right thing to do. usually he is real good about covering everything up, & he will usually take off like a rocket as he can't stand the smell or to say 'it wasn't me, I didn't do it!" lol. a few months back I switched brands of litter & he did get better at covering his business up tho. both brands are clumping types.

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