Cat rescued from plumbing

by Dave

Hi there. Well, here is a great story I thought you may like... Michi (girlfriend) bought two cats 8 months ago. I am not fond of cat's (sorry), but they are brother and sister and play all day in the house and are pretty funny.

Well, one of them took off on April 4th and did not come back day after day. The brother was all alone and a little weird for a week.

An old lady 5 house's down came by yesterday and said she saw a cat in the window of an old house. We went by and found nothing.

Just when we were leaving the house, Michi heard a meow in a pipe in the wall... It was an old bathroom pipe that went through the house.

So I called the fire department and 10 guys showed up, 2 walls were drilled, and 3 hours later this little wet rat was pulled out of the pipes... 18 days in this old house, no food and 5-6 hours stuck in this pipe.

She lost about 2-3 pounds and thats why she even fit in this pipe. So off to the vet we went at 22:00 Sunday night and he gave her a few shots and said she is OK, just F>>>>>> hungry. :=)

Anyways this damm (Sidnay) lost 7 or 8 of her lives this month... so, I still hate cats but like these two. :=)

OK, just thought I would share this little story with you...

Now my girlfriend has to pay 1500€ for the wall and Fire Dept. :=((( Can any insurance help???? Let me know.


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What a rescue!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Wow, that's one lucky cat! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Dave. I'm sorry, but I don't know if any insurance plan would cover something like that.

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