Cat pees in one room poops in the other

by Cory Gager
(Kelso, WA)

My kitten is roughly a year old now, and when we got her she was fully trained to use the litter box.

But as the past 2 months have been going she started to slowly not use the litter box for pee!

She started to pee on our living room floor in random areas. I even used "out." Its a spray for removing odors and making it for dogs and cats to not use the same spot to go pee.

"Which ain't working at all" and now come to find out, the past 3 days she has refused to even poop in the litter box. She is pooping everywhere upstairs and peeing everywhere downstairs.

I'm on the last line, about to get rid of her. I like her, my dog loves her and child, but I can't keep picking up cat poop every day and having downstairs smell like cat urine.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having problems. It sounds to me like she's going downhill with these issues, so I think you definitely need some assistance beyond a pet odor remover.

If she were my cat, I'd be concerned about the length of time this has been going on without resolution, and the fact that she's degrading into both peeing and pooping outside the box.

If she has at least two litter boxes, and they are kept meticulously clean, and they are placed in the proper locations, with litter than she normally uses, then I believe it's time for some outside help.

I would assume she's either under extreme stress in the home, or she's ill.

I believe it's time to get your veterinarian involved to rule out whatever medical condition might be causing this.

I hope that helps and I hope she recovers quickly. Please update us on her progress.

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Jan 31, 2017
by: dmc1321

If the Vet rules out an illness then its either some form of stress in the home or the litter boxes are not being cleaned thoroughly and often. Try scooping at least twice a day, add another litter box and change the litter every 10 days.

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