Cat Names Nigel and Molly

by M.P. Martin
(Roy, Wash, USA)

Nigel and Molly are brother and sister Himalayans.

Nigel? It's a long story from my wife's family. Molly? Well, she just looks like a Molly.

We think Nigel is a familiar. My wife has had cats most of her life and she has never seen a cat like Nigel. He will sit and stare at you, I mean intently stare, his eyes locked on yours.

I think we should have named him Pyewacket instead of Nigel. But he is very loving and will come up on our bed at night and cuddle with us, all the time purring like crazy.

Editor's note: Thanks so much, M.P., for submitting and adding to our list! If I ever adopted 3 kittens, I might name them Bell, Book and Candle. I'm sure someone else must have done that already, though.

That's funny about Nigel, since most cats don't like to have a staring contest. Then again, I usually blink and look away. :)

Perhaps you're right, and he's a fur-miliar. We'd love to see some photos!

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Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for your comment, Annemarie. I'm sorry to hear about Mercury's passing, and poor Venus! I hope he continues to do well with his recovery.

by: Annemarie

I am a cat lover and had two brothers, Mercury (my planet) and Venus (hubby's planet).

Mercury was only two years old when he got sick and we lost him on 18 May 2011.

Venus is our only catty now and he is just wonderful. He was hit by a car right in front of our house on 13 April 2012 and his left hind leg had to be amputated!

He is doing very well though and we are just so grateful that we still have him. He is adorable and loves cuddling up as well.

I love the names Bell, Book and Candle, that's nice!

Well have a good day
Love to all the cats
South Africa

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