Cat Names Lola and Lucy

by Tracy

Lola and Lucy (two cats). They are my girls. They are sisters and very smart. They have two distinct personalities. My girls are 5 years old and are indoor kitties. They love to play hide and seek and they sleep on my bed every night.

One is long hair the other short. They are Calicos. Lucy is more talkative than Lola, but Lola is more gentle. Lucy is a spitfire! Lola is a lover. I would be lost without them. They are my kids.

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Thanks for contributing!
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)


Those are good names! Thanks for being the first to contribute and add to the list of cat names.


P.S. Does anyone else have a Lola or a Lucy? Let's see how popular those names are. Add your cat's name to the list along with some info on your cat.

by: Sarah

They sound so cute!
(I love the names you picked for them).

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