Cat Names Coco And Tyger

by Elizabeth
(New York City, New York, America)



My cat Tyger had just past. It might sound cruel the way I'm about to say this but my cat Tyger was MENTAL.

He'd bite everyone except for me and he hated everyone except for me. He gave my mom a disease (but shes OK now).

One day he ran out of the house and my Dad went to go catch him. He had to throw a blanket over the poor thing so that he could catch him. When Tyger was back in the house he growled at me for the first time.

I was very sad but I knew he had to go. He was pooping on the basement floor and vomiting. We went to the vets and they gave us some pills for him. We put them in his mouth but we found out later he was hiding the pills behind his teeth, then spitting them out in a corner.

This time we crushed them up and put them in his food. Of course he ate it but it didn't work. Poor Tyger had to be put to sleep.

About a year and a half later we started to look at the pet shelter, going there almost every day but not getting a cat.

I saw this cat who was black and had lost one eye. I thought she was the one. But the day I was about to get her she was vomiting and then eating it. I couldn't get her, she was very sick.

I went into the kitten room-my dad said just to look. I went in and looked at all the kittens... one gray tabby, one orange tabby and the rest Bombay black kittens.

I was playing with them, and then this little boy started playing with them and was wooshing the toy around and it went on my head. ALL THE BLACK KITTENS JUMPED ON MY HEAD AND PULLED MY HAT DOWN.

Then one came back to me as if looking sorry for doing that. It licked my nose and chewed on my hair. It kept running back to play with the other kittens.

Then I would have to ask this grouchy old lady, "where is the one that chews on hair?" She seemed very annoyed with me after like, the 77th time I had asked her!!!

My dad came in and saw me playing with the kitten. He said "do you want to get her?" I nodded YES.

We named her Coco because my aunt named her cat, who had just recently died, Coco. My aunt worked at a beauty salon and loooved Coco Chanel. As I'm writing these last words, my cat Coco, who is now only two is sleeping right beside me.

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Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your story about Tyger and Coco. I'm sorry to hear that Tyger had to be put to sleep. It sounds like Coco is doing well, though, and I thank you and your family for adopting her!

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