Cat Name Zenda

by Ellen

My brother got this kitten at the SPCA in Largo, FL.

Very smart and fetches toys you throw to her and then brings them back. Very smart and friendly. We gave her some new food and she looked up at us like it was filet mignon and licked her chops.

Editor's note: According to the name is of Greek origin and a variant of Zenobia. The name means "life of Zeus." According to the name is Persian, and means "a sacred woman."

But, according to, the name has its origins in both Greek and Persian. When from the Greek, it means "born of Zeus" and from the Persian, "womanly."

There is a book which has been made into a movie a number of times called The Prisoner of Zenda. And, just in case you didn't want to know any of that, there's more!

According to the website of the Zenda Telephone Company, it's also a town in Kansas, and was apparently named after the book when the town of "New Rochester" needed to be renamed. There were too many places named Rochester and that made things a bit too confusing back in the 1890s.

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Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for adding to our list of names, Ellen!

Zenda is an interesting name, which got me thinking. In ancient times (in Internet terms), we used to play a game with a similar name, called Zelda, which was quite popular.

I've put the rest of my comments about the name in the editor's note above.

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