Cat Name Wyatt

by Tiffany

Wyatt is a funny little man I got when he was 6 weeks old. He has turned out to be one of the smartest cats I've ever owned.

He can open almost any door in the house and when he is doing something he isn't suppose to and you get on to him he "talks back" with a chirping sound like he's saying "what? I'm not doing anything wrong."

He is almost 5 now (will be Aug 2010) and he has become a momma's boy. He follows me everywhere I go and he can't stand me leaving him. Even if I step out on the porch, he sits there meowing 'til I come back in (he's not allowed outside).

He sleeps with me every night cuddled up to me like a teddy bear. He is also hilarious when it's time to eat. He will stare you down until you feed him and if you get up and walk the opposite way from the kitchen he will run and try to trip you, then stop and glare at you and run back to the kitchen and wait.

He is also funny in the sense that this cat WILL NOT eat tuna. I tried to give him some one day and he absolutely snubbed it. The only canned food he will eat is Fancy Feast, but he only gets that every now and then.

We always thought he'd be a great candidate for a Fancy Feast commercial since you can set their food right next to tuna, or anything else for that matter, and he will always choose the Fancy Feast!

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A STAR is BORN !!!
by: Jan

Thanks for sharing Wyatt with us, Tiffany. A true beauty ! My kitty, Spooky, was also a discriminating eater. She only ate shrimp if it were the S.C. caught variety that her Uncle Gabe would send. Would NOT touch IMPORTS !!!!!

He's adorable!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks, Tiffany, for sharing some of Wyatt's life with us. He's a beauty and such a poser!

That's funny that he rejects tuna and prefers Fancy Feast over everything. Do you hear that Fancy Feast people? Wyatt is a star in the making and just right, purrfect in fact, for your commercials!

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