Cat Name Smokey from Grantsville

by Lexie
(Grantsville, WV)

His coat pattern is black and grey mixed into swirls.

My uncle is a big joker. He tried to make my kitten think his name was 'target practice.' But I kept saying no to that.

"So what are ya gonna' call it?" my uncle said. I got to thinking. It took soooo long I almost gave up!

But one day I decided to call out a bunch of names and see witch one my kitten responded to. After all, he should have a name that he likes. But he was REALLY picky about his name, for an alley kitten.

"Sparkey." I called. He just ignored me. "Pepsi, Swirl, Halloween?!" I was starting to get desperate.

Ten names later I called out "Smokey?!?!" He came running as fast as a speeding bullet! He cuddled up next to me purred like crazy! After that we played a little game of hide 'n' seek. We then ate lunch and headed to our beds.

And if ya ever come to my house and can't find Smokey, he'll be in the brand new bed with real silk plush playing with his favorite toy, a catnip flavored mouse.

Editor's note: Thank you, Lexie, for sharing your story about your kitten with us. I hope you and Smokey have many fine days together, filled with furry fun!

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