Cat Name Punkin

by Karen

Punkin, like Pumpkin, but slang and sweet. :) How you would end up saying it everyday anyway.

Editor's note: Thanks, Karen, for adding to our list of cat names!

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh has a cat named Punkin. "Punky" is apparently a female Abyssinian (you can see a picture of her on that Humane Society blog page).

punkin'puss & Mushmouse #25 1994 Arby's

Cartoon cat lovers will remember Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse, orginally from The Magilla Gorilla Show but spun off as a separate toon. You can see him in action (for about a second) at about 35 seconds in on that video.

If anyone knows of any other (yours, maybe?) famous cats named Punkin, or Pumpkin, for that matter, please let us know!

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by: David

The current "Senior" (by a month) is a fourteen year old Bengal that was in a movie as a cub. The studio actually bought her and her sister for a couple scenes, then gave her back to the breeder. Her sister was adopted out with no problems, but our girl came back with some emotional problems. She was getting older and less desirable to anyone looking for a Bengal cub, and she was on the verge of being "put down" when we heard about her. Her "formal" name is Katherine Jane's Way, but she has many nicknames - most obvious "KJ" and "Kaje" but is also known as "Pumpkin" or "The Pumkin Princess." She has a very sweet face that hides her "wild side" that has earned her the additional name of "Taz".

She is acutely aware of mom and dad's emotional needs and curls up in the lap of whomever she decides needs a "therapy cat" the most.

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