Cat Name Kirby, Nickname Kirbalicious, Kirmudgeon or Mudge

by Elaine

Kirby is a black and tan tabby and he is eating strawberry yogurt here. He prefers strawberry over vanilla. He was a 5 or 6 week old stray who had lost his mom and showed up outside our house 15 years ago.

I wasn't supposed to keep him; however, one early Saturday morning when I was still in bed, I wasn't even thinking about naming him but all of a sudden the name Kirby popped into my head.

After all these years he still sleeps next to me and loves getting under the covers. Every Christmas, as soon as we have the tree up, I know I can always find him lounging under the tree.

Editor's note: Thanks, Elaine, for adding to our list and letting us in on Kirby's life, especially his yogurt preferences. How funny! He's very handsome!

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