Cat Name Cinko

by Molly

I found a stay cat a couple of days ago. My parents told me that it belonged to a person up the street. So I called it by the name my parents told me to (cinko) and I didn't act like it was a stray cat at all just a simple outdoor cat. Hahaha I thought Cinko was like the name Mackaloo or Dawnday :). But, I just found out it REALLY is a stray cat and its name isn't Kinko (the Fedex company -.-). So I think I might call the Humane Society and hope for the best for her or I might take her in.

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by: David

Hey, thanks for taking Cinko in!

I would just ask - no, BEG, you to not turn Cinko into the Humane Society - PLEASE! If you decide you cannot keep Cinko, please try to locate a no-kill shelter group in your area. You may need to call a couple veterinarians, but they are often aware of several groups that may be able to find a permanent home and not just give up after a few weeks.

One thing I know is Cinko will not forget the love and kindness you have already shown. Believe it or not, I've learned cats do crave that sometimes even more than food.

Good luck!

Thanks Molly!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for contributing to our list, Molly! I hope that stray kitty finds a good home soon. Maybe you could find someone to take her if you don't.

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