Cat Memorial: Tiger Bell Kitty from San Jose

by Debbie
(San Jose)

Tiger Bell

Tiger Bell

When Tiger came into our lives, she was a little baby faced kitten with a huge cat-a-tude. She nuzzled her way passed the other kittens in the cage and made her way to greet her soon to be new family. It was love at first meow!

Megan said, "Mommy can I hold her?" "Is that the one you want hon?" "Yes" "Okay hon I'll get the lady to help us" ... and then it begins!

Tiger Bell was was found in a dumpster by the humane society. The adoption agency made a routine stop to save kittens from... well you know what.

They took this furry little kitten, cleaned her up, gave her all the necessary medical attention and named her Bridget.

Bridget??? Really??? It just didn't fit. So, as with our other pets we gave her a full name.

Megan said, "How about Sharky?" That just didn't quite fit either, then Megan said, "How about Tiger?"

That was it! But she needed a middle name as well... I said how about Tiger Bell... in my mind I was thinking because she's no tinker bell! She lived her up to her name with cat-a-tude, cat-a-style, and cat-a-character!

Welcome Tiger Bell Kitty to the Schott family! You have changed our lives... You are gone but will never be forgotten!

1997 - 2012

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Sep 23, 2012
Tiger Story Part 1
by: Cindy Hannan

Hello Tiger. It's been 12 years since we first laid eyes on each other. I was allergic to your fur, & you were not exactly sure what to make of me either, or my white trimmed in light blue New Balance shoes! But as the days-weeks-months-& years went by we grew into having our own unique dance.

Such as our mutual liking of nocturnal nights, or when I would come home from work & the house had a hush all over it since everyone was fast asleep from the rush of the day-you would often greet me at the door or would meet me in the kitchen & patiently sit & wait for me to prepare our "Fancy Feast" treat that we would eat & share-which was usually always BBQ organic chicken meat!

Not sure which one of us purred more for the love of this morsel soul food that elevated our mood from good to Nirvana as you & I meowed-barked & hummed in perfect harmony about how yum this tasty delight was for us!

Your Grandma just texted me & told me that you were gone but not forgotten & I can see right before me all the testimonies & sentiment that your spirit did indeed touch many hearts.

Yes, Tiger, you touched many hearts including mine. Now on the surface most would not notice or even agree with me on this fact, but actions speak louder than words. I believe that I touched your heart as well Tiger!

Yes,it's true, although I hated it like hell that you sat on my car, Tiger Bell and I would yell at you & tell you to stay away from my car & go lay elsewhere-I also know that you knew my "crowing" was not to be feared because you also knew that I was also there for you every time something would spook you which it often did and like a little kid-or in this case like a little kitten who would rip & tear & flee to me in warp speed & next thing I saw was you running up the length of my whole body to nest & rest as you sunk your whole body into my chest so I could cradle you in my arms to protect you from "what-ever-it-was" that you thought would bring you harm all the while it would make me smile and warm my heart since I was smitten with your kitten act of needing me as you gently continued kneading my chest with your paws without using your claws I might add as you purred in sheer contentment of the pleasure of knowing there was nothing to fear anymore.

Sep 23, 2012
Tiger Story Part 2
by: Cindy Hannan

Well, Tiger, time draws near to say good bye but before I go I want you to know that I was texting your Grandma the other night about memories of you & I can now just hear your Mamma saying to me, "Oo you're gonna get a ticket" but just to assure you, Megan, I didn't!

I had the luck of The Heaven's since I only text at stop lights:) Anyway, I told your Grandma that Heaven must be having a grand BBQ in your honor, Tiger. Yes, there is nothing like the power of love to welcome and comfort you when your soul has been hurting for quite awhile.

So I am sure that all your Angels,your GGrandma & GGGrandma were there to ease your fear 7 confusion & to celebrate your crossing over to the pearly gates! I know you will be waiting for us all to crossover, too, Tiger-especially for Highrise- so that you two can continue pursuing your love of stalking lizards & then watching homemade stir-fry fly into the air!

But until that day arrives... my wish for you is this:

I hope that you indulge & thrive on all the catnip you can get your paws on to gnaw on-& if you so desire float afterwards on your Cloud 9 from the high of the nip that only a cat can own-or go climbing galore on every square inch in the nooks and crannies of Heaven's staircase trees-& no more worries that a car will ever run over your aero-dynamic tail of yours ever again-& that your story has not come to an end, but has another chapter to begin-you sassy little kitten thing!

Sep 21, 2012
Made a cat lover out of me
by: Mark

I only knew Tiger for a short span of her life, and in that time she managed to claw, bite and purr her way into my heart. Before I met Tiger I was very much a dog person.

I thought cats were nice enough, but just did not care about people in the way a dog does. Now I am convinced it is impossible to spend any amount of time with a cat like Tiger and not fall in love.

Tiger's personality made life all the more interesting. Tiger kept me on my toes, as one minute she could be sweetly cuddling up with me on the couch and the next going after my fingers like a hungry mountain lion.

Often she would barge into the bathroom just to see what's going on, and then leave me scrambling to shut the door before anyone saw. And yet somehow, the way she used to lick my hand clean before chomping down on me became adorable.

Only Tiger would have the persistence to take over my pillow (other than Megan), inch by inch, until I wake up with my feet hanging off the bed and a cat's butt in my face.

I grew to appreciate passing the time with Tiger when Megan was busy, and to enjoy catching glimpses of the deep bond between her and Megan when the three of us were together.

I will always remember Tiger, do my best to take care of Megan for her, and look for her warming herself on the hood of my car.

Sep 20, 2012
Tiger Bell #1 Cat
by: Ann Gee

When I was introduced to Tiger Bell I realized that I had never had the company of a cat, only dogs. Of course, I fell in love with Tiger and would love to scratch her behind her ears and I think that she enjoyed it because she would turn her head, but maybe I enjoyed it more than her.

Tiger would sleep on my jacket and leave her beautiful hair for me just to remember that she was there and I would leave and she would make sure that I didn't forget her and leave paw prints on my car.

When I would pull up in my car she would sometimes be on the back porch ready to greet me and I would stop and say hello and then I realized that she was the official greeter of the house.

"Tiger" you were a wonderful cat and I am happy that I had the pleasure to enjoy your entertaining and loving personality. You will be missed but we will meet again...

Sep 20, 2012
Tiger Play
by: Natalie

I remember my youngest son wanting to play with Tiger and she would hide from him... can you imagine her hiding from a 3-year old??? But she was an awesome cat - this from a dog-lover. Most of all she was part of the family of one of my favorite families. She will live in my heart always.

Sep 20, 2012
Great Cat
by: Soad

Your cat was a sweet cat, I remember so many things, however, only one thing is always in my heart.

I remember when I was crying, she was in my lap, and she was trying to make me stop crying, she was comforting me.

For sure, everybody will have great memories.

With love


Sep 20, 2012
Such a great tribute!
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, Debbie, and yours too, Megan. You both obviously gave Tiger tremendous amounts of love, and clearly, that "little baby faced kitten with a huge cat-a-tude" was determined to go home with you.

They say you should let your cat choose you, and that's exactly what she did. So thank you for giving in to her wishes and giving her a great home for many years.

Sep 20, 2012
My Best Friend
by: Megan

I have so many great memories of Tiger. In fact, I have few memories without her seeing as I’ve spent three quarters of my life loving her.

Some things she did as a young feisty kitten such as attacking my grandma's dog, killing my fish, sleeping under cars to escape the heat, playing with ornaments on the Christmas tree, play fighting with me and opening doors on her own.

As she got older and wiser, some of those things evolved. She cuddled with our neighbor's small dog, and played with stuffed fish.

She slept on top of cars, keeping warm from the engine. She refused to wear her Christmas collar, leaving it outside on the car.

She would ignore me after I had been away at college for a couple months. And she would wait to be let outside even though there was a cat door.

While some things changed with age, other things remained the same throughout her life. She would always attack my backpack straps, or stand in my shoes when I came home and took them off. Whenever I was upset, she was there to cuddle and comfort me.

She was also there whenever I had a snack; some of her favorites were Twizzlers, and the oil on the Hot Cheetos bags I would devour, but what she really could not get enough of was ham and biscuits, especially the flaky layered ones.

One of my favorite things to do with Tiger was to spend all day together in bed. We would only get up to eat, and then we'd get right back into the covers.

These are the things I try to think about instead of the fact that she is gone. I will always love her and miss her very much.

Sep 20, 2012
Sweet Kitty
by: Olivia

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Tiger certainly fulfilled her cat paws and is one of the few (okay only) cat I have bonded with.

She was persistent when she was hungry even to the point I would on occasion succumb to feeding her. I never seemed to move fast enough for her though.

She would show her gratefulness by putting paw prints on my car. Once I mistakenly left my window open to find her in my car...TIGER!!

For the most part she gave me my space and I gave her her's. She would join me when I worked on the porch or the backyard, never lifting a paw, of course, but she kept me company, and showed her appreciation by enjoying the improvements which made it worth it.

Tiger Bell, you were a sweet kitty, and for a cat, you were pretty easy going and even likable. I will miss your presence, and your Tiger spirit will always be around and remembered.

Love, Olivia

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