Cat Memorial: Smokey the Bear from Mass

by Krissy O

Hi, My cat Smokey was the love of my life, my heart, my first born. I found him as a baby in someone's yard and asked if I could take him home.

They didn't know how old he was, just that someone had dumped him there and they really didn't care either. I would guess he was around 2-3 months old.

I lived alone when I first got him and he knew whether someone was good or bad. I met my husband the year after I got him and he moved in a year later, so we were alone for 2 years then with my hubby. I found another cat, my old girl Shadow who was 10 when I found her. Then in quick succession I had 2 children.

Smokey put up with countless cats, hubby, kids, and now and again my mom's cats and dogs. He died last week on Wednesday April 25, 2012 at 14 yrs old. He died in my arms out on the porch in the warm sunshiny weather.

Until we meet again, my love, wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge with your siblings and our human family. I LOVE and MISS you so much Smoke.

We LOVE and Miss You my Smokey Man

Love, Mommy, daddy, Kyle, Kayla and your four footed family Jackie, Brandy, Miko, and Suki.

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May 01, 2012
Thank You
by: Krissy O

Thanks so much Kurt for approving his page and for your sympathy. He was my "special cat." I have had other cats and even dogs but Smokey was my first grown up cat and did everything with me.

My own kids were jealous sometimes and said mom do you love Smokey more than me? LOL!

He got diabetes in January and nothing worked to help. I guess it was just his time. We were on our way to the MSPCA (Angel Memorial) in Boston to put him out of his misery but he wanted to go on his own terms so he died with his mama and not on a cold hard table in a hospital.

They were So nice at the hospital and gave me a room to sit with him for an hour before I handed him over to them. I am having him cremated at their facility and having his ashes sent back to me till I go. Then we'll be scattered together with my dads ashes too.

Thank you for having somewhere I can come to and talk about it. When I can figure out how I will post a pic.

I am having some sterling jewelry made and some drawings of him done on "Etsy." They are a wonderful site and it's all handmade and have lovely people there. Anyone who wants something made of their cat should go there. Thanks again have a great week!

May 01, 2012
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about Smokey, Krissy. He clearly was your "special cat." RIP little Smokey.

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