Cat Memorial: My Baby Wrat (Felicity)

by Michele Ellis
(Horton Kirby, Kent, UK)

I cannot say much because we have so many memories... All I want to say is that when I found my little baby wrat eating from scraps in the street my world changed!

My life then became a happy place, Felicity and I were unconditional best friends for 8 years and never did we part!! My world is broken and the tears will not stop, it hurts so much but I can honestly say I would rather have this pain and to have known such an amazing little girl!!

I love you always and forever and will never forget my best friend in the whole wide world!!!
Mummy loves you soo much it hurts!!!!

I hope you are all fixed now and are happy chasing the butterflies and enjoying endless amounts of catnip!!!
Until we meet again, I love you!!!!!!!

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Aug 01, 2021
10 years my princess
by: Anonymous

I miss you as much now as I did 10 years ago.. I will always love you and miss you so much. I love you my princess

Jul 13, 2018
Loved forever
by: Nanny

I remember the day Mummy brought you home to Nannies, my heart broke immediately, in all the years of having fur babies I had never seen one so sore and sad..

It wasn't long before your wonderful Mummy changed that and that was the beginning of eternal love. I've never had a cat that loved her mummy so much as you did yours.

Many lived your funny ways, your cotton mouth, your island meow, food always hanging off your chin when you finished eating. You made us all so happy baby wear and will ALWAYS hold you in my heart. Make sure your at the front of a lo
ng queue when Nanny comes to the bridge. Love you forever and always. Precious baby wear. Send Mummy a rainbow soon, she needs it. Love you Flick dat
wrat. X x x x

Sep 18, 2015
Baby flickdatwrat
by: Nanny

Missing you baby Wrat. Nanny loves you forever and always beautiful princess.

Sep 18, 2011
Missing you Baby Wrat
by: Wrat Mummy

I miss you soo much, I loved you soo much!! I go to bed every night with your favourite teddy and my special painting and beautiful box of ashes above my head so your never far from me!!! Will always miss you and love you!!!! :-( xx

Aug 07, 2011
Felicity - "Baby Wrat"
by: David Lemke

Some of the best, most inteligent companions are out there, fighting for scraps. To be able to take one in often requires a lot of love and patience, which you must have. When it works, as you found out, the love, companionship and loyalty are there in spades. We have at least four waiting for us at The Bridge, so she is in good company and more. You touched each others lives in the most beautiful of ways - Blessings to you both!

Aug 07, 2011
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about Felicity, Michele. Thank you for rescuing her. I heard that the weather report at Rainbow Bridge today calls for catnip flurries and a 100 percent chance of butterflies.

Aug 06, 2011
by: Pamela Williams

What a beautiful tribute:)

Aug 06, 2011
Be free Baby Wrat
by: Anonymous

I didn't know sweet little Felicity, but I share the pain with her family. I have known and loved many fur-babies of my own that had to leave me and are now at the rainbow bridge waiting. The love they give us is truly unconditional, and we can take comfort in knowing that we will see them again. Until that time, they are in sunshine, warmth, and gentle breezes to run through the tall grass and chase the butterflies. They are free. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Aug 05, 2011
love... unconditional <3
by: Anonymous

Baby wrat was a beautiful, kind, caring adorable little princess that loved her mieowmy Michele unconditionally.

I miss her terrible too, the house seems empty but I can still feel her presence, which makes me a happy Nanny as I know she is at Rainbow bridge all better now having a Gourmet party with all our other fur babies taken too soon......

An honour to have been able to kiss, cuddle and love such a beautiful girl.

Until we meet again baby wrat xxxxxxxxxx

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