Cat Memorial: Max

by Mike

I saw Max at a PetSmart store in Oct of 2010 and knew right then and there I was not leaving without him. He was about 4 months old and he had a very special quality about him.

Max loved to play fetch. I'd toss the toy of his choice and he would bring it back to me, head held high, prancing, to drop it at my feet every time. He would play for an hour or more at a time.

In the mornings Max would wait for me to enter the hallway where upon seeing me, he would run into the living room and hide. I would pretend that I was looking for him by calling out his name as I searched in the kitchen and dinning room.

He would sneak up behind me by crawling on his belly with his ears back. When he got close he would meow loudly and go hide again.

Max would sit beside me and have a conversation. He would meow then I would mimic it and this would take place over and over again for a half hour or so. I never had a clue as to what he was saying, but he sure had a lot to say.

On June 29 we took him to the Vet for a follow up check up for a minor bacterial skin infection. The Vet gave him a shot of Convenia and Depo-Medrol which he had a bad reaction to.

We had to put him to sleep on June 30th at just one year old. I told myself that I would never put a cat to sleep, but in this case I had no choice. I deeply miss my bubby, my best friend. Max I will always love you.

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Jul 19, 2011
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm so sorry to hear about Max's passing, Mike. You had such a great relationship with him and clearly he was a very special kitty. As David said, you gave him a loving home during his time here on earth, even though it was short. RIP little Max.

And to Lynn, I am sorry to hear about the passing of your young little Max as well.

Jul 17, 2011
I understand your loss
by: Lynn

I am so sorry for your loss, I understand how you feel. In April 2010 on my way to work I found a tiny kitten in the middle of the road. I picked it up. He was wet, cold and weak.

I took this little black kitten home and cared for him. I named him Max. I bottle fed him as he was only 3 weeks old. He loved playing with toys.

When I came home from work he would climb up my leg into my arms. I would then ask Max where my sugar was and he would lick me on my cheeks.

Max grew into a beautiful cat, he had beautiful green eyes. I had never been attached to cats. Max was the first cat I had got close to. I grew to love Max so much.

Then in November 2010 while I was at work my roommate let him out for a few minutes as he liked to go outside and sit. He would just look around.

My roommate forgot she had let him out and let the big dogs out of the pen. What happened next no one knows.

My roommate thinks the dogs were playing with him and got too rough. She heard the dogs barking and when out and found them and Max. She tried to give Max CPR but it was too late, he was gone.

My heart broke. I had Max only 7 months but my love had grown so deeply for Max. I miss him so much everyday. I miss his kisses. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

I do have another cat now, his name is Mo Mo. He is sweet but he is so different from Max, but he has helped me so much with my loss of Max. So my thoughts are with you I know it hurts.


Jul 15, 2011
by: David

I am so saddened by your story. Max was so young, yet I know he brought a lot of love and joy to you, and you to him. Just remember, no matter how short his stay was with you, that was time not spent in a cage or shuffled between foster homes.

For those who don't know better, Petsmart does not sell cats. What they do is donate a portion of their space for local rescue groups to adopt out cats and kittens. So, before anyone gets their fur matted up thinking this cat was "store-bought", Max was (I'm positive) adopted through one of these groups.

Thank you for giving Max a home and showering him with the love I know you did.
David of Spots and Stripes

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