Cat Memorial: Little Girl from Grande Prairie

by Amanda
(Grande Prairie, AB)

Little Girl came into this world Easter, 1999 and left us February 19, 2012. Little Girl aka Geep (Geepy in a basket) aka Psycho aka beepy loved her family including her brother Brownie who went missing a few years back.

Little Girl was an outdoor cat for most of her life and not only enjoyed being "jungle kitty" chasing birds and mice and lollying and doing "the ying-yang of love" with Brownie, but loving, flat-facing, and cuddling with me and her dad Bill, and reluctantly letting her fellow housemate Benny think he was running the show.

Little Girl fought hard for her life and waited until the bitter end to give in and throughout her inner pain showed nothing but love.

We made the hardest decision ever to let her go today and will truly miss her. To see the look in her eyes change from pain to peace was unimaginable. So happy you are in peace now my love, you are gone but never forgotten. xoxo

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Feb 22, 2012
I understand
by: Beverly

Thank you for your kind comment regarding Evan and Neenie. I pray for your comfort and that you are flooded with sweet memories of your beloved Little Girl.

All souls are the same, just in different bodies. I truly believe our cat family loves us as much as we love them. I also believe the Bible speaks of storing away our treasures in Heaven. God would not make something so perfect as our companion animals only to leave them here.

My belief is part of that treasure is those animals and that God so lovingly cares for each of them until we can get there to assume our duty once again of being by their side. I think each animal we care for in anyway while we are here will be ours to care for in eternity. That can eventually rack up to be a lot of animals :)

Thank you for writing. I hope you have a blessed day.

Feb 20, 2012
Sweet Little Baby Girl
by: Joyce Pickering

Goodbye Little Girl, you came across your "aka" Psycho because of the wacky thinks you did, for example when we caught you and Brownie when you were months old, climbing up the patio screen door.

You were such a sweet and cuddly kitty and we all loved you and will miss you on our future visits to Grande Prairie. You were so cute in May last year when your momma had you shaved - you looked like a mini Lion King with your big mane and bushy tail and your momma said "Don't laugh at her, she will get a complex.

Little Girl, know that you had a momma that will miss you and has loved you from the day you came to our house in Halfmoon Bay. You are now free from the sickness that took you away from your momma and pappa.

Be at peace Little Girl and enjoy being back together with your brother Brownie. Rest in Peace Psycho. Love you and we will all miss you . . . . Momma Cat.

Feb 20, 2012
A Sweet Loving Kitty
by: Steven in Winder

So sorry for your loss. I have my indoor cat Precious, a Weegie, who never goes outside or even wants to (he came to us as an abandoned young kitty).

I've recently, in the last six months to two years, became a foster dad for six strays (ferals) who gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sleep in their very own heated, insulated shed. One of them looks just like your little baby.

They made the right choice to trust me as I trapped them all and took them to a low cost spay/neuter clinic and got them their rabies shots too. They were startled at first, but now let me pet them again.

I can't imagine having something to happen to them, but sooner or later it will. Such is the life of an outdoor cat. You were very fortunate to have spent so many years with your little angel.

She is now chasing the other cats and making friends on the other side of the bridge. When it is your time to go, you will be reunited with ALL of your loved ones who went before.

Feb 19, 2012
RIP Little Girl
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, Amanda. She will be greeted by many of our furry friends at the Bridge. RIP sweet kitty.

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